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Welcome! We're so happy you stopped by! Before we dive right into our blog and begin sharing highlights of photoshoots of our wonderful clients, we thought we would start our blog by introducing the people behind the camera! We are Brian and Jade! We have been happily married for about a year and a half, and have been together for TEN years! Whoa!

Jade and I met in the summer of 2006, a couple months before the beginning of our senior year of high school. We met where we worked....at Souplantation! (ha!) I was assigned to train Jade on her very first day, and you could say it was love at first sight. Two months later, we "officially" became boyfriend/girlfriend. Crazy to think that was over a decade ago.

When it came time for us to go to college later that year, we faced the tough decision of parting ways and ending our relationship, or making a long distance relationship work. I decided to attend San Jose State University, and Jade chose the University of San Francisco. We were only an hour apart, so we decided to stay together and make the trek to see each other on weekends. We did this for 2 years until we moved in together in San Francisco in 2009. 

Let's fastforward 3 years to 2012. I finally graduated college (Jade graduated the year earlier), and we decided to move back down to San Diego to be closer to family, and so Jade could begin her second stint of schooling to get her teaching credentials from CSU San Marcos.

In August 2013, we traveled back up to the Bay Area for a long weekend, where we vacationed, spent time with friends, and got engaged!












Later that night we had a gun pulled on us in Oakland, but that's a story for another time..


We married on May 31, 2015 in San Marcos, CA. It was a beautiful, perfect day surrounded by people that mean the most to us. 

View More: http://brookealiceon.pass.us/brianjadeView More: http://brookealiceon.pass.us/brianjade   View More: http://brookealiceon.pass.us/brianjadeView More: http://brookealiceon.pass.us/brianjade View More: http://brookealiceon.pass.us/brianjadeView More: http://brookealiceon.pass.us/brianjade View More: http://brookealiceon.pass.us/brianjadeView More: http://brookealiceon.pass.us/brianjade












Photos by Brooke Aliceon Photography


So that's the story of us! Currently, we live in North Park in San Diego with our 2 cats, Armin & Banksy. When we aren't out and about with a camera, I bartend, and Jade teaches at an elementary school.

So where did photography and videography come in the picture? My journey with photography began in college, where I majored in Photojournalism. My first week in the program, I quickly found out that I had no idea what I was getting into, but I knew that I had an opportunity of being a part of something great. As I immersed myself in school, surrounded by masters of the industry, I started to understand the impact that a single image has a potential to have. Everyone has a story to tell, and through pictures, video, and sound, I have the ability to tell those stories in authentic ways, and I love doing it!

Jade's journey with photography began more recently. She has always played around with cameras, and studied the history and aesthetics of photographic arts in college where she majored in Art History, but she didn't learn how to shoot on full manual settings until a year and a half ago. She began by using food as her subject (she says because it doesn't move.) She loves cooking and makes beautiful dishes, so it was a perfect starting point for her. From there, she felt more comfortable taking photos of people, and now, here we are! She has a very creative eye, which makes her a perfect partner for me.












Some examples of Jade's food photography. For more, check out her food Instagram, @jadienomz


Jade and I consider ourselves very fortunate to share so many interests. We love adventures, nature, camping, live music, good beer, Star Wars, and photography! I am a backpacker, and overall "outdoorsman," and I have been going backpacking in the Sierras every summer for the past 17 years. Jade has yet to accompany me (she can't handle not being able to shower for 10 days), but she will soon! We love visiting beautiful places together, and most recently, have been attempting to visit as many National Parks as possible.












Pictured at Yosemite National Park on our honeymoon (left), and Death Valley National Park on our 1 year wedding anniversary (right)

So that's us! We're not incredibly interesting, but we love being in love with each other, and are so grateful to share in this journey together!
Thanks for reading! 


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